New single out today!

The new single from Emperor Penguin: Brand New Yesterday

 “We all have our time machines, don't we? Those that take us back are memories...And those that carry us forward, are dreams.” - H.G. Wells

 Greetings, music lovers.

Our new single, Brand New Yesterday, is out now!

 You can stream it on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. You can download it from Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. You can watch the video on YouTube. You can fill your earholes, your inbox and your playlists with it. Treat yourself – it’s what H.G. Wells would have wanted.

Brand New Yesterday is a taster for the forthcoming album, Soak Up The Gravy, currently nearing completion.

Pay attention to pop music!

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L.A. Weekly Album of the Week

International Pop Overthrow, Volume 22 , featuring your very own Emperor Penguin, is LA Weekly’s album of the week. Here’s what they say:

When David Bash founded the International Pop Overthrow traveling festival in 1997 to pay tribute to Jim Ellison, singer with power-pop band Material Issue, he couldn’t have known that it would still be going strong 22 years later. After all, it’s a bit of an oddball event. The “pop” it refers to in the name doesn’t have much to the music we consider pop today — the boy bands and manufactured stars of the world. Rather, it’s going back to earlier definitions — ’60s beat groups and psych-rock, and of course the power-pop inspired by the likes of Big Star and Cheap Trick.

Every year, they put out a compilation album featuring many of the performers from that year’s tour, usually unsigned and underground artists with a few exceptions. This time, those exceptions include fine tracks from Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, The Three O’Clock)’s band Bird Street, Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee Dave Rave, The dB’s main man Peter Holsapple, power-pop veteran Van Duren (who recently was the subject of an excellent biopic), and The Tearaways (featuring Blondie’s Clem Burke).

The latter contribute one of the album’s best songs, “The Wrecking Crew” — a tribute to the L.A. session musicians responsible for some of the most iconic music in history. This song does them justice, expertly executed and the hook is relentless.

“Hooks” are a big theme here; bands are artists with names that will be alien to most contribute unforgettable songs. Young L.A. band the Velvet Starlings’ “Bitter Pills” is certainly one, but there are many. It sometimes feels like they’re trying to outdo each other — Brooklyn-born, L.A.-based Michael Faherty’s “Clark Gable” is a Marshall Crenshaw-esque slice of poignant power-pop. Blake Jones & the Trike Shop’s version of the James Bond theme “Goldfinger” sticks out because it’s so damn weird, but even that is wonderful.

We could go on, but this is a three-disc album that you just need to tear into and discover amazing new things. Then track down the previous years’ albums. Then get yourself to a show next time IPO tours.

The album is available here.



This year's IPO compilation, Volume 22, is now available for pre-order on the Omnivore Records home page at and once again it features your very own Emperor Penguin, along with many other fine artists .

Here’s what they say about it on the site:

Omnivore Recordings and The International Pop Overthrow Music Festival are proud to present International Pop Overthrow: Volume 22, a 3-CD compilation featuring 69 tracks by artists from all over the world who have played the International Pop Overthrow festival—along with some who haven’t.

The IPO compilation series goes back as far as the 1998 when Volume 1 was a single disc. Since then, the compilation had expanded to two discs the following year, and then three discs in 2002 for Volume 5, and it has remained a three-disc set through 2019. International Pop Overthrow: Volume 22 showcases artists from 10 different countries, doing just about every sub-genre of pop music, including power pop, pop/rock, folk/pop, psychedelic pop, garage, indie-rock, modern rock, etc., making it one of the most well-rounded compilations available to the general public.

Set the controls for track 15, side 2: ‘Brand New Yesterday’ by Emperor Penguin. It’s a preview from our next album, ‘Soak Up The Gravy’.


Free three track E.P release

We are delighted to announce the release of a free three track E.P.
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