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Where did they come from?

The powerful mysterious pop guitar orchestra of Emperor Penguin (the band) is described as the perfect blend of Buzzcocks, Big Star and XTC. In addition to the psychedelic voices of London in the 1960, the Penguin band music is full of vivid modern colours and loudness. They capture the traditional power pop music of UK, USA and other regions in one breath and merge them.

In the beginning, many years ago they - Neil Christie (vocals, guitar), Nigel Winfield (vocals, guitar), Adrian Long (vocals, bass) and Richard Wilson (drums) - received a message and set off to create a reverberation with noise. Wandering in the cosmos. Dancers, they looked forward to your arrival. "They call me on and on across the universe." Dreamers who weave a moody melody with guitar noise. This four-seat spaceship, with the chaotic chaos of time, passing through the lonely and lonely universe, and returning to the trivial but inescapable scene, their destination was BBC Maida Vale Studios and recording of the album Crumhorn that remained unreleased until now but still is able to take you back to the one who is indeed true. Yourself.

After nearly two decades, the spheniscid sounds seemed to have disappeared into the Antarctic night. What were the mysterious plans of the four low-key abnormal players now? Following the disappearance of many years, this London-based band has plunged into the permafrost of the self and repeatedly smashed and polished new works. In 2017, as the band's first full-length album – Rum Pop Engineer – Emperor Penguin the band are no longer satisfied with the secret sounds that used to entertain only themselves. Vinyl release on their own Savage Frenzy Records. The style has sublimated to a more interesting realm. The addition of the new member bass / guitar player ‘JT’, replacing Rocking Adrian, also engineered a new colour into this rum pop.

The eager penguins came ashore and journeyed far across the tundra to seek more fish, and drew more rock and roll nutrients from them. What can be expected is more cultural sounds and bold applications on the arranger. For the LP ‘Walnut Fascia’, released on Kool Kat / Savage Frenzy, the Penguin aesthetic has once again evolved, and the new works are killing each other for the unchangeable state of the world. All topics are involved. You can still taste the unique pop in the early works of the band Emperor Penguin and the love of the rough and violent garage rock – from Barry (John) to Buzzcocks and Beach Boys. This splendid gravy is still immersed in the love and obsession of music in the 1960s, but the difference is that the Penguin ensemble has also created its own unique pop-rocking music.


‘One of the most clever bands you'll have heard in a while...whimsical powerpop with unusual, unexpected chord changes...as catchy as a cold in December... a delight from start to finish.' **** Shindig! magazine

‘Emperor Penguin is a fantastic name for a band. And their latest effort, Walnut Fascia, lives up to the moniker and then some. Emperor Penguin delivers big time. Eloquently written and catchy as all git-go… Simply awesome.’ Power Pop News

‘Inventive, quirky power pop band whose music conjures up the Jam as much as Big Star.’ The Unherd Music

‘Fans of The Grip Weeds, The Pillbugs and 60’s anglophiles you couldn’t do better. Highly RecommendedCoolest psych-pop album of the year.’ Powerpopaholic.com

‘UK’s Emperor Penguin have released one of the most intriguing records I’ve heard all year. These guys are a power pop band at their core, that much is clear. But they use trippy atmospheric sounds swirling around some of the catchiest melodies you’ll ever hear. They’re then laid on a strong foundation of guitar rock n’ roll. Imagine The Jam covering the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album and you might be able to start picturing what Emperor Penguin have done here. Emperor Penguin have put their own unique touch to the power pop genre and the results are quite magnificent.’ Audio Ammunition


So, what exactly is this band of Emperor Penguin musicians doing now?

You can now imagine that they are floating in the clouds, drinking tea, eating crisps, and in the gap between their conversations, reverb echoes, and you slowly believe that this group of musicians live like this. Penguin life. In Fortress of Solitude they make new songs and plan domination of the planet. New album is imminent in 2019.

Pay attention to pop music. Soak up the gravy!