Walnut Fascia CD

Walnut Fascia CD

Rum Pop Engineer (Vinyl LP)

Rum Pop Engineer (Vinyl LP)


"As catchy as a cold in December... a delight from start to finish.' **** Shindig! magazine

"Quite magnificent" - Audio Ammunition

"Coolest psych-pop album of the year... The band marries power pop with elements of psyche and prog rock. Highly Recommended." Powerpopaholic

"Simply awesome."- Power Pop News

Included on ‘best albums of 2018’ list by I Don’t Hear a Single. and by The Un-Herd Music.

CDs £10 a pop from Neil.Christie@wk.com


Deluxe 12" vinyl version of our album released on our own Savage Frenzy label. Pressed on collectable coloured vinyl, that colour being black. The best colour.

‘Intellectual UK jangle pop brimming with harmonies ‘n’ hooks and goosed consensually by a garage punk energy.’ The Unherd Music

‘Gawd, your album is so freakin’ amazing! Strong songwriting with power and melody!!!’ Lisa Mychols

Included on ‘best albums of 2018’ lists by blog and radio show Ice Cream Man Powerpop, and by David Bash of International Pop Overthrow.

Vinyl LPs £10 a go from Neil.Christie@wk.com